#TBT: My Star Turn On “The Mindy Project”

Mindy Kaling and I have a lot in common. We’ve both starred on shows named after us – hers just happens to be five seasons in and makes me laugh out loud, every time. Also, she has several entire Instagram accounts devoted to her style and humor and I have one devoted to… the gold stapler from my collection.




That didn’t stop me from buying her a drink when I ran into her at a restaurant one night. She tweeted a “Thank you” at me. So, when I got the call asking me to cameo on her show, I was totally ready to pretty much kick off this whole friendship thing – because really, has anyone who’s watched her show or read her books not wanted to be her best friend?


You can see me doing my best “important designer” act after being called in to decorate her new colleague’s office in the episode here on Hulu.

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