#TBT: Fabiola Beracasa’s Timeless Decor


Back in 2012 when I wrote The Things That Matter, I never could have predicted what my life would look like now. But here’s what I could – and did – predict quite accurately.


“I think that years from now, Fabiola’s interior will be remembered, celebrated, and loved as much as I love it today. Why? Because she allows candle wax to drip and drip on her dining room table, and because she hangs mesmerizing paintings without frames above that table, and because she stacks her art and fashion and design books on her hallway floors. Because she makes no apologies for who she is, and what brings her joy.”


Yes, that’s me, quoting 5-years-ago-me. Not to brag, but I kind of nailed it. My friend Fabiola Beracasa’s timeless, stylish, and unabashedly personal style endures not in spite of her decorating “quirks”, but because of them.

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