• Window Shades 101

    Quick: look at your windows. Are there heavy curtains that make the room feel very dark? Or maybe they’re totally bare, and letting in too much sunlight – or looks from neighbors?


    Don’t beat yourself up about it. Figuring out how to use window treatments can be tough – and often, the very last thing you think about when decorating a room. Which is part of why we were so thrilled to see Nate launch a collection at The Shade Store…it served as a reminder to get our own windows up to snuff.


    Starting with, Nate’s own advice on the where/when/why of window treatments. Ready to roll?

  • "These roller shades can be one more opportunity to express your personal style and add a layered approach to your home" -Nate

What to consider when choosing patterned shades: “Remember this: shades are an entirely different level of commitment than, say, bedding. It’s easy to just buy a new duvet, if you tire of the color or pattern. Shades? Not so much. Rule of thumb: smaller, all-over prints tend to read as more soothing, as opposed to large-scale patterns. Same goes for light versus bold colors. You want to make sure you’re making a choice that’s not going to be difficult to design around.”


Where to install roller shades: “There’s no specific room that’s a better candidate for shades than any other. But there are some structural things that can make shades almost necessary. Drapery tends not to work as well in rooms with asymmetrical windows, where shades help those details disappear. I designed my collection for The Shade Store to work with modern architecture – even if one window is five feet from the floor and the next one over hits the floor… you can still darken the room properly, and give things a seamless, custom look.”


Why choose shades over curtains: “I’m less concerned about choosing, and more interested in all the ways you can layer a window. Shades can be the foundation under drapery panels. Particularly ones that are linen or light-colored – you get the look you’re after, but are still able to functionally block light. I also prefer to interact with shades rather than fussing with curtains (and drapery rings) every day when I wake up, go to bed, or want privacy. With the shades underneath drapery, you can protect your furniture from the sun and your curtains from grubby little hands. Especially grubby toddler hands.”

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