• Your Best Advice: How To Ace The Preschool Transition

    So. Poppy’s started preschool, and I’m suddenly needing to wear my sunglasses inside to hide my teary eyes.


    Luckily, you guys have come through with some fantastic advice to help me cope with the transition. Me, not her. She’s loving school. I’m the one looking at baby photos longingly and wondering how to freeze time.


    In case anyone’s going through something similar, I wanted to share some of the gems that came in… Starting with Colene on Facebook, who tells me: “I do video interviews with my daughter where I ask random questions about school and friends. It doesn’t freeze time, but it does capture it. And then I play them over and over!”

And on Instagram…

@houseofpc: “Try and wake up a bit earlier so you can spend quality time with her while getting ready for school. There is nothing worse than rushing kids in the morning. Also, she will be very tired the first weeks so maybe make sure she goes to bed a bit earlier, just 20 minutes earlier make a difference.”


bfye: “Have another child!! By the time you have three in school you’ll be asking yourself, ‘will summer never end??!!'”


s_modewins: “Nate, I know you like to read, and the book “The Kissing Hand” is a beautiful book to help with this transition. Stay present. Life moves fast. Enjoy every moment.”


And finally, one of my favorites from Twitter, via @JenZat71: “Donuts. Donuts just make everything easier



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