How To Decorate: Creative Ways To Use A Picture Frame

It’s hard to beat the beauty and sentimentality of a framed family photo. But if you love picture frames as much as we do, it helps to have some alternative ways to use them. (Also, the new cross hatch picture frame from Nate’s Spring collection available at Target is only feeding our addiction!)


As always, we took a cue from Nate to get more creative ways to use a picture frame. He’s been known to frame especially lovely thank-you notes, gallery invites, and letters – here’s a glimpse at left, and below.


We also love the idea of letting your imagination run wild – if it’s rectangular(ish!) and flat, we say it’s fair game. Wedding vows, movie ticket stubs from special dates, postcards, fabric samples, a pressed flower, or an inspirational quote. Of course, we want to know what you LOVE so show us the brilliant ways you’ve used picture frames in new ways by tagging #MyNateBerkus.

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