Design Myth: Every Room Needs A Pop Of Color

If you spend any time on design blogs, you’re familiar with the phrase “pop of color” – it’s the easiest way to explain how a single accessory can make a big impact thanks to an eye-catching color. The red vase on a dining table, the bright blue pillow on a sofa – it tends to feel like a little surprise in an otherwise neutral room.


But here’s the real surprise: a pop of color is not a necessity in every room. While it is a fun device to put into play if you love the particular color you’re “popping”, there’s no design handbook that insists that an otherwise lovely tan-and-white room needs a purple chair dragged in just because.


Take a look at these rooms from Nate’s book, The Things That Matter for proof that color isn’t the only thing that can add pizazz to a room.


A Pop Of Greenery

Ok, green is technically a color, sure, but we’re talking about the greenery of a living, changing plant that brings a refreshing and organic feel to a room. That small touch will enhance the neutral palette and breathe additional life into the space.

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