• 3-For-1 Advice: How To Make Your Bed (Even Better)

    One of the easiest ways to have a happier life is to make your bed every morning. It’s true! A happiness expert says so. And it’s only one of the reasons you should consider committing to this daily ritual. Another great reason? It makes your room look fantastic. Especially if you take a page from the Nate Berkus Associates book. Though Nate, Lauren Buxbaum Gordon, and Lauren Allan all have different bed-making styles, all three are guaranteed to make your bed look great. And you feel happier than ever.


    NATE SAYS: Go classic.

    “I have real bed envy. I see other people layering their bed beautifully, especially in the South, with layers on layers of pillows and eiderdown. I love the way it looks, but at home, I keep things simple. A duvet folded back, four king or standard size pillows, two throw pillows, and maybe a throw at the end.”

  • LAUREN B. SAYS: Mix it up – subtly.

    “I’m really into layering neutral colors and textures. Recently, I purchased sand-colored linen euro shams and a duvet to add interest to a plain white sheet set. I also added a white textured cotton blanket over the top sheet for a more tailored look. Now, when I fold back the duvet, you see a mix of the crisp white sheets, the textured cotton blanket, and the warm linen bedding.”

    The secret’s in the bed itself.

    “I love making my bed – it’s easy, and makes me feel good every morning. Beds with side rails are key, so you can easily tuck your bedding away and it looks great in an instant. And just like clothing, bedding can be mixed and matched with textures and colors for a heavenly look. Why not make your bed as authentic and exciting as you are?”

Lead photo of Steve Berg’s home photographed by Roger Davies for The Things That Matter; Seattle bedroom designed by NBA photographed by Christopher Dibble; Atlanta bedroom designed by NBA photographed by Fred Gerlich.

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