• 3-for-1 Design Advice: Entryways

    We all know that first impressions are real, and they do matter. We make them whenever we meet someone and shake their hand, and your home makes a first impression the second you swing open the door.


    Take a good look at someone’s entryway and you’ll see how they come and go, and what they want to present to all who visit. Read on for what should go right inside the front door, according to Nate, Sasha Adler, and Lauren Buxbaum Gordon.



    The entry sets the tone for the entire space, it’s a clue to what people will discover as they explore the rest of your house. This is exactly where you should display your very best art and the pieces with the most significant meaning, like this rare tufted, wall-mounted settee by Poul Kjaerholm, which the client had to have, in our recent Seattle project.


“I like to pull together a few of my favorite pieces that can stand on their own to avoid over-cluttering, but you also want them to be functional as well.  In my own home, I have a round empire pawfoot center table piled with green ceramic pineapples from Mexico.  The pop of color frees me from feeling like I always need to have fresh flowers.  I love that it feels cozy, representative of the rest of my home and not overdone.”



“I absolutely love to place a center table or console in an entry if the space allows for it. It’s an opportunity for a fantastic collection of accessories or flowers and also provides a space to tuck a bench under (to sit down when putting on shoes). It’s always nice to have an oversized mirror as well, which is not only beautiful, but perfect for catching a last glance.”


Lead photo of Seattle entry designed by NBA, photographed by Christopher Dibble; Lauren Buxbaum Gordon’s home in Chicago photographed by Heather Talbert

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