3-For-1 Design Advice: How To Style Bookshelves

They say eyes are the window to the souls, but we could also attribute that adage to bookshelves. They’ve become our modern-day altar to display the stories, accessories, and memories that fuel our lives.


So: no pressure, right? To make this spot in your home represent you, while still looking great? Fear not. We’ve called in the big guns. Nate, Lauren, and Sasha are sharing some of their best advice for organizing and curating your bookshelves.


SASHA SAYS: Choose your organizing adventure

“Some organization is key, whether that means sorting books by color or size. You want them to have some order on the shelves and some breathing room – don’t just stack them on the shelves haphazardly! You can also mix in some objects such as bookends, picture frames, and baskets to break it up and make it more personal.”

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