• 3-for-1 Design Advice: What Furniture Do You Think Is Overrated?

    Trends, friends, Pinterest – sometimes these outside forces compel us to buy something that we might not need, use, or even really want in our home. That means the piece is overrated and we think you can do better. What do Nate, Sasha Adler and Lauren Buxbaum Gordon think is an overrated piece of furniture?



    To me, every piece is important.  Furniture and lighting can function as art or jewelry, but it’s more about the role it plays within a specific interior and striking the right balance to make sure it doesn’t feel overdone or too decorated.




    Media cabinets! There is absolutely no need to buy a piece of furniture specifically made to house or sit beneath your television and show off your electronics. Media cabinets are almost always sub-par quality and expensive. Instead look for a beautiful cabinet, buffet or armoire that can draw the attention away from your television and compliment the room.


    For me, it’s the bar cart. And I’m not against bar carts themselves, but I am against messy bar carts. I love a perfectly styled one, placed in just the right spot, with organized liquor bottles, beautiful decanters, and all the cocktail accouterments in their place, but it’s not a good choice when you’re finding legos and pencils and plastic soda bottles working their way in.




    Lead photo of Lauren Buxbaum Gordon’s home by Heather Talbert; Krista Blair’s home showing her TV with two Nate Berkus at Target Studded Nightstands; Beautifully styled bar cart image by Anna Wolf.

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