3-For-1 Design Advice: Personalizing A Rental

It can be frustrating when your interiors obsession doesn’t quite match up with your current living situation. Namely, when that situation means living in a rental. It limits your ability to change the things you know would make the biggest difference, and can make you a bit nervous to commit to an investment when you never know how long you might end up there.


Luckily, Nate, Sasha, and Lauren know your pain, and are sharing some of their best advice on personalizing a rental in a chic and cost-effective way.


SASHA SAYS: Focus on what you can take with you

“When living in a rental, there are so many options for making the space feel unique and reflective of your personal style without over-investing in things you cannot take with you. The focus should be on building your furniture collection, layering with textiles, books, objects, and hanging art to make the space feel like home (and like you!).”

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