Halloween Decor That’s Stylish (And Spooky!)

Inspired by the spookiest time of the year, #TeamNate in the Chicago office went all out in a way that’s both seasonally appropriate and chic. Looking for some inspiration of your own? Look no further than this set-up…


The secret, if you can call it that, is stepping away from the Halloween decor aisle, and instead focusing on year-round elements that have a dark side. That means looking out for decor inspired by insects, bones, body parts, and slithering snakes. A dose of artwork featuring scientific illustrations goes a long way as well. We sourced all these pieces from the always-stylish Redefined Decor in Chicago.


A vase and portrait from the flea market add to the allure, and flowers from Kennicott Brothers are just dark enough to keep the mood going. And while yes, they look spooky all together, keep in mind that once November hits, you can spread pieces like this around the house to resume normal decoration.


Now, lest you think every single piece at play needs to be eerie, notice how the dark pieces are mixed with everyday essentials. A chair from Nate’s 1stdibs store (shearling, not scary), as well as a rug and console (similar available) from Nate’s collection available at Target ground the look nicely.

  • Alas, if it's all too spooky, go with the easiest, most readily-available autumnal decor that never goes out of style. Loads of pumpkins. Happy Halloween!
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