• Artist Spotlight: Ethan Cook

    A truly showstopping room is much more than the combination of furniture and accessories. It’s the artwork that so often dictates the tone, the flair, the point of view of the homeowner. And while Nate’s ultimate art advice is to buy what you love, we’re taking the chance to shine a light on one of Nate’s personal favorite artists: Ethan Cook. That’s one of Cook’s pieces as seen in a Seattle interior by Nate Berkus Associates – and you’ll find more of it in Nate’s own home.


    So: what is it that makes his work so arresting? To start, the Texas-born, New York-based artist is less interested in covering a canvas when he could be transforming a canvas. Whether that means alerting its very nature with bleach, or weaving a canvas from scratch – both by machine and hand-loom. “You can see all of the mistakes as well as perfections,” he told the New York Times about his technique. And while photographs of his work may not be able to capture the nuance, the energy it brings to a room is electric.

It’s a worthy consideration when selecting art for your own home – what themes does a piece of art explore? What feelings does it evoke in you? Be sure you’re that relying on several senses – including a gut feeling – when choosing artwork. “Pretty” is one thing, but “powerful” is what you’re after. That goes for both fine art and pieces you spy at a local art fair or even online.


Ethan Cook’s work is available through André Viana in New York City, and you can see more on his website. Or learn more about him from these pieces in The New York Times and Interview Magazine.


Lead photograph by Christopher Dibble for NBA


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