Turning The Tables: Iman

Even in the impressive category of women so famous and fabulous they go by one name only, Iman manages to stand out. The internationally-adored symbol of ageless chic is not just a model, actress, entrepreneur, author, and major philanthropist; she’s a design fiend with impeccable taste.


I met Iman when I was lucky enough to have her as a guest on my talk show, back in 2010 when she was launching a textile line. I immediately fell in love with her,  and her style, and the feelings have only grown since. The fabric line has also since grown to a collection available at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores, and you can get a regular dose of Iman from her out-of-this-world website DestinationIman.com. There, you can shop her favorite velvet pieces, and check out my own guest editor post!


Read on for Iman’s thoughts on design, specifically her newest favorite decorating combination. It’s definitely one to try at home… if you’re bold enough!

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