Turning The Tables: Kelly Hoppen

Even if Kelly Hoppen weren’t an incredible interior designer of top-notch homes and bespoke commercial projects, a brilliant businesswoman, or friend, I would still love her. She’s got a vibrant, delightful energy about her that just makes you want to be in her company.


Kelly and I only recently met, as we worked together on the Celebrity Edge cruise ship – with me as the design ambassador and Kelly as design lead for the staterooms.


It only made sense for us to meet through work, as our careers have always run a bit parallel. We’re both interior designers who’ve also brought TV and product lines and collaborations into our businesses. Just on opposite sides of the Atlantic. And Kelly has 40 years of interior design under her belt (I bow down).


So please allow me to introduce you to this wonder, and learn a bit about what makes her tick.

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