• Month Of Gratitude: Nate’s Spotlight On Gamechangers

    Gratitude is a big word in our home – especially this month. And I’m especially grateful for the people in my world, and the world at large, who are doing amazing things for others.


    First up, I’m spotlighting Ricky Martin – yes, the international superstar, who’s also a friend, and a major force when it comes to the fight to putting an end to human trafficking.


    His organization, the Ricky Martin Foundation, has also taken on a major role in raising millions of dollars for Puerto Rico in the wake of the unbelievable devastation left behind by Hurricane Maria.

  • Ricky started his online fundraising page for the hurricane recovery efforts with his own donation of $100,000, and since then has inspired others to give amounts both big (like from Jennifer Aniston and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation) and small – because when it comes to a humanitarian crisis like this one, every bit helps.


    Feeling inspired to donate? I have been, and am proud to support Ricky and the incredible work he’s doing. Learn more about his foundation and the fundraiser, and of course, follow him on social media.


    Photos via Ricky Martin on Facebook.

  • I’d also like to shine the spotlight on another celebrity continuing to provide post-hurricane supplies and relief to Puerto Rico: the tireless SkinnyGirl herself, Bethenny Frankel. In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Bethenny chartered four airplanes of essential supplies to the island, and those planes returned to the U.S. with dozens of ailing and wounded residents to receive necessary medical care. Bethenny’s program B Strong has partnered with Delivering Good to deliver necessities and gift cards to Puerto Ricans most in need. Bethenny is not giving up, and neither should we. Her admirable work and updates from Puerto Rico have been documented under the hashtag #thisisacrisis on social media.

    Photo via Bethenny Frankel on Instagram. Donate to B Strong + Delivering Good’s disaster relief here.

  • To conclude my Month of Gratitude, I’m applauding the work of Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, who is fighting to protect women’s rights as the government promises to defund the organization. As she says: “I feel like these mornings I get up and I go, ‘I swear to God we just rolled that boulder to the top of the hill, and here it is again.’ I think just every morning you gotta get up and fight again.”


    Planned Parenthood has long been an organization I’ve supported (see here), and it’s become even more important to me, as the parent of a little girl.


    Cecile: you’ve got me next to you to help you push that rock.


    Photo via Cecile Richards on Instagram

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