• What’s Nate Reading This November?

    It’s always the season for reading, as far as we’re concerned, but it seems like the best time to really dig in to great books is in the fall. Nate’s November books are transporting, taking readers into different worlds and experiences – which one will you read first? Make your pick and stay tuned on social media for the next meeting of the virtual book chat.

  • "How much can you tell about a person from the exterior of their home? In Kimberly Rae Miller's childhood house, all the secrets stayed behind closed doors – but her memoir swings them open to reveal stories of hurt, disgust, and ultimately, healing."

Coming Clean by Kimberly Rae Miller

  • "At 12, suburban pre-teen Craig Keilburger founded his organization, Free The Children, to fight for kids' rights – and ultimately all human rights. Prepare to be inspired – and a little weepy."

Free the Children by Craig Kielburger

  • "I love a unique narrator, and it's hard to beat Enzo, the hilarious dog who steers this story about the thrills of moving as fast as you can – and when it's time to slow down."
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