Turning The Tables: Sophie Donelson, Editor in Chief of House Beautiful

In my line of work you cross paths with so many talented people – editors, stylists, photographers, PR professionals – it’s out-of-this-world inspiring. Since they’re often kind enough to interview (or photograph, or work with) me I wanted to have a space to turn the tables on them. To see what makes them tick, what stories their homes are telling, and more.


So allow me to introduce Sophie Donelson, the Editor in Chief of House Beautiful. I’ve been a fan of HB for a long time and in the year since she took the reins it’s continued in its tradition of excellence. There are knock-out projects, a warm and witty voice, and of course, everything you ever wanted and needed to know about color. But you could probably figure that part out based on the covers below – and Sophie’s outfit! Sophie’s sense of style (and humor) make her one of the brightest in the business. Read on for her charming take on my questions – and then make sure to check out House Beautiful‘s February issue, on newsstands now, as well as their site and Instagram.

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