Turning The Tables: Stephen Fanuka

Stephen Fanuka calls himself a “glorified blue collar guy” in his Instagram bio… and that’s just one of the reasons I love him. The closet he built in my old apartment is another (see it below – it’s a complete work of art.)


You might know him from his DIY Network show, Million Dollar Contractor or his book What’s A Homeowner To Do?. But what you really need to know about Stephen, to understand his true appeal and genius, is captured best by his answer to my question about his signature style. “It has to be perfect and it has to be different.” Now THAT, my friends, is why top designers and celebrities are falling all over themselves to work with him. His sense of humor doesn’t hurt, either.


Check out Stephen’s answers to our questions below and then head over to his Instagram for a more up-to-the-minute guide to what he’s up to.


Photograph courtesy of Stephen Fanuka. Interior photography of my Manhattan townhouse featuring Fanuka’s beautiful work by Roger Davies for The Things That Matter.

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