Plates As Decor? Here’s How

There’s a beautiful sense of calm to seeing an entire 12-piece place setting in pristine condition. If you’re antiquing, you know that’s the holy grail. And if you’re in the store picking out china, you know you’re about to drop a fair amount of money.


But: what about the plates that don’t come from full-service sets? What do you do with those lone dishes that peek out at you from store windows, your parents’ china cabinet, or a super-sale caused by some broken inventory?


Here’s a Nate secret: these plates don’t need to be relegated to a life all on their own. If you spy one you love, snap it up and put it to use in an unconventional way.


A single plate can make for a perfect place to corral keys or pocket change by the door. Or, place a selection of mismatched dishes on the wall for a 3-D (and curated-just-for-you) take on artwork.


Nate’s particularly found of scavenging for Richard Ginori plates, and you can see his previous Manhattan apartment decorated with a selection of Fornasetti dishes. We’ve pulled a few favorites below in case you’re looking for inspiration…

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