• We Challenge You To A Pre-Fall Pillow Swap

    Let’s get one thing straight: the fact that there are four seasons does not require overhauling your home four times a year. But for many, it’s fun to change things up every so slightly to bring the charm of the outdoors in. So as fall approaches, and you spy the plaids and harvest colors all over your local shops and favorite blogs, fear not. If you keep it simple, you can have the update you’re dreaming of, without going nuts (or broke).


    Hence, our pre-fall pillow swap challenge. Here’s the deal. Zero in on 1-3 pillows in your home, remove and store the covers, and pull some autumnal-toned fabrics to construct bold new covers. You won’t need more than a couple yards of fabric, depending on the size, and you’ll be able to swap back to what you had on display before whenever the time feels right. Need some inspiration? We pulled a few favorite new swatches from Nate’s fabric collection available at JOANN. Imagine how one of these would look, recovering any of the pillows seen at left…

Shop the entire collection at JOANN now. And don’t forget to update us on your pillow swaps on Instagram with #MyNateBerkus!


Lead image photography by Roger Davies for The Things That Matter

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