See What #TeamNate Does With An Extra Yard (Or Two) Of Fabric

It’s no secret that #TeamNate is filled with creatives, champion DIY’ers, and general smart cookies. So when we found ourselves with some spare yards of fabric from Nate’s collection sold at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores, we knew it was a prime opportunity to bust out the scissors and sewing machine to show off how to make the most of extra yardage.


The Nate Berkus Studio team in Chicago whipped these projects up and shared the online tutorials they used. To level the playing field they had one of the “sewing newbies” take them on to make sure they were beginner-friendly.


To start: Half a yard yielded us a pretty beautiful totebag, as seen at left. Here’s the tutorial from Purl Soho (we chose the “easier” option), and the fabric used here is Nate’s Iko in Paramount Onyx.

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